1. Never wear the same pair of shoes for several days running. After a day’s wear, put shoes away for two days: this increases the lifespan of your shoes three-fold.

  2. Always untie any laces before removing shoes in order to avoid exerting any undue pressure on the eyelets.

  3. Place shoes on a shoe tree as soon as you remove them. Shoe trees absorb moisture and retain the shape of your shoes as they dry out. This helps to keep them in their original shape for longer.

  4. Always use a shoehorn to put on your shoes to avoid creasing the stiffener and forcing the stitching.

  5. Leave wet shoes to try at room temperature, never in direct sunlight or close to a heat source: this prevents the leather from becoming discoloured and/or cracked.

  6. Dust your shoes regularly: use a slightly damp cloth to dust leather shoes and a crepe brush to dust suede shoes.

  7. A professional-quality waxing means applying a cream followed by a paste.

  8. Use a similar colour wax to protect the colour of your shoes: using a darker coloured wax will permanently change their colour.

  9. Use a good quality beeswax.

  10. Have your shoes reheeled by a reputable professional.


1/ Remove dust with a fine brush

It is important that you remove any dust and traces of mud from your leather shoes before waxing and treating them.

Gently rub your leather shoes with a fine brush, paying particular attention to the creases.

2/ Apply a nourishing and cleansing cream

Once you have removed any debris from your leather shoes, apply a nourishing wax with a soft cloth.

Gripping the cloth between your fingertips, move it in small circles, paying particular attention to the creases and stitching.

Leave your shoes to dry.

3/ Use a coloured wax

Once the cream has penetrated the leather you may wax your shoes.

Using a small soft-bristled brush or spatula, take some wax from the tin and apply it to your shoes. Starting at the sides, along the welts, wax the shoes using a forwards and backwards motion, without exerting too much pressure.

You are advised to use a wax that matches the colour of your leather shoes.

Once your shoes are coated in wax, leave them to dry.

For leather shoes that are impeccable right down to the soles, wax the arches. It won’t go unnoticed!

4/ Make your shoes shine

Once the wax has dried, brush the leather again.

Next, use a soft cloth or tights rolled into a ball to buff your leather shoes to a shine.

Once the leather is gleaming, leave your leather shoes to dry for a short while before wearing them.

This will improve their waterfastness and give long-lasting shine.

Leather also needs to be regularly treated. Treating your shoes with a purpose-made cream will soften the leather and allow the wax to better adhere.

5/ Caring for suede or calfskin suede shoes

Suede shoes should be brushed with a gentle crepe brush to ‘unsmooth’ the suede and remove shine in order to restore the skin’s original velvety surface.

Any stains should be removed with a special suede “”rubber.

Regularly waterproof your shoes by applying a waterproofing spray. It is recommended that you do not wear suede shoes in heavy rain.

Sources: L’art de se bien chausser – Jean-Jacques Ficat – Ed Milan, Lauer Distribution - http://www.t-chaussure.fr, AVEL information - Saphir Médaille d’or.



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